Sheet Music for Brass Band

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All Heaven Declares - Noel & Tricia Richards, arr. Andrew Blyth

As we are Gathered - John Daniels, arr. Trevor Davis

By His Hand - Thomas Mack, arr. Richard Phillips

Crown Him with Many Crowns - George Job Elvey, arr. Richard Phillips

(Diademata) For I'm Building a People of Power - Dave Ricahrds, arr. Richard Phillips

Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart - Henry Smith, arr. Leonard Ballantine

Hosanna - Carl Tuttle, arr. Simon Birkett

He is the Lord - Kevin Prosh, arr. Leonard Ballantine

(Show Your Power) O! O! O! How good is the Lord - Anon. Arr. Trevor Davis

O Happy Day - Ron Jones, arr. Howard Davies

Sing and Make Music - John Larsson, arr. Peter Graham

We Want to See Jesus Lifted High - Doug Horley, arr. Andrew Blyth