Sheet Music for Brass Band

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Be Bold, Be Strong - Morris Chapman, arr. Richard Phillips

Be Still for the Presence of the Lord - David J. Evans, arr. Kenneth A. Ward

Come on and Celebrate! - Patricia Morgan, arr. Trevor Davis

Father, we Love You - Donna Adkins, arr. Robert Redhead

Jesus, Name above All Names - Naida Hearn, arr. Robert Redhead

Majesty - Hayford, arr. William Gordon, adpt. Kevin Norbury

O God of Burning Cleansing Flame - Lex Loizides, arr. Richard Phillips

(Send the Fire) Praise, my Soul - John Goss, arr. David Peacock

Rejoice! - Graham Kendrick, arr. Richard Phillips

The Light has Come - Chick Yuill, arr. Richard Phillips

The Servant King - Graham Kendrick, arr. Robert Redhead

(From Heaven You Came) We Have Come into this Place - Bruce Ballinger, arr. Robert Reahead